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Covid-19 Protocols

We take your health and safety seriously!

The pandemic we are currently experiencing is devastating and has affected many if not all of us in ways we could not have imagined. Rest assured that at Good Times Photo Station this situation won't change our dedication and commitment to always provide you with the highest level of service you’ve come to expect from us.

As a photo booth company, where props get passed from one hand to another, we have always taken your health seriously and sanitized the props after each event. Now, with the current situation, we have taken additional steps to keep you and our employees safe. We have implemented steps to prevent illness as recommended by the CDC and have updated our contract to protect you in case of cancellation or postponement.

Good Times Photo Station will be resuming the use of props unless specifically requested by the client not to do so. Use of props is at the risk of the user. We will be encouraging guests to sanitize their hands before and after use of props and to practice safety standards when taking photos but will not impose or enforce rules on guests.

At Good Times Photo Station, we focus on capturing memorable moments that make you smile, this will not change. In fact, we may need this now more than ever. We are now offering a virtual photo booth solution that allows your virtual events to get even better.

Here is what to expect

  • Surfaces sanitized regularly

  • Attendants wearing masks

  • Sanitizer provided for both guests and attendants

  • Social distancing standards encouraged

  • Touch-free booth experience for guests​​

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Virtual Photo Booth

Our virtual booth is a web browser based digital photo booth that guests can use from their device. Photos are taken with their phones and the photos can be shared on the spot and will be stored in an online gallery. This is an excellent option to capture candid pictures throughout the event. This is a great option that can be provided to guests during this Covid season. The virtual booth is accessed via a url link or a QR code. This virtual booth can be customized with digital props to add personality to the shareable photos. A customized digital frame is created that will be used on all the photos that are taken.

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